Fit Kids Mobile Studio LLC

Weekly Overview

2019-2020 School Year Lesson Plans

Little Athletes

  • Each day, class begins with the "Rub Your Hands" song, followed by warm ups and stretches on the mats. 
  • Students then practice coordination with movements across the floor, including: two foot hops, one-foot hops, lunges, skipping, bear crawls, side-to-side shuffle, galloping, high knees, frog jumps, and crab walk.
  • A game is played each week, such as "What Time is it, Mr. Fox?," "Red Light/Green Light," "Run, Run Chicken, Run Home," or one of many others.
  • Students then practice a variety of gymnastics skills: forward and backward somersaults, bridges, log rolls, or cartwheels.  They crawl through a tunnel, practice wall stands, and hop over cones.  These movements are done in rotation style.
  • Next, students practice ball handling skills, including throwing, catching, and running with a football, or dribbling and passing soccer balls or basketballs.
  • Class concludes with the "Rub Your Hands" song and a special stamp to remember class.
  • Additional activities are incorporated occasionally, such as jump rope and parachute.

  • Each class begins with the "Rub Your Hands" song and a floor routine: stretching the body, practicing pointing and flexing the toes, and moving our legs in different ways.
  •  Students then practice their ballet terminology and techniques, including the different positions, plies,  tendu, arabesque, posse, and leaps.
  • We work on our recital dance and also move our bodies in various ways to other songs and rhythms.
  • The children have time to freestyle dance each class, playing the dance/freeze game!
  • Class ends with the "Rub Your Hands" song and a special stamp.

  • Each yoga class is a new adventure for students!  They imagine visiting places such as the jungle, ocean, space, farm etc.
  • On each yoga journey, students "become" the animals and artifacts they see on their journey through yoga poses.  The teacher leads the poses and sometimes let students create poses for their ideas.
  • A yoga game is involved in class, such as "Night at the Museum," where the students "trick" the teacher by freezing in various yoga poses without getting caught moving.
  • Time is taken each week for students to practice deep breathing in various ways, such as blowing feathers or ping pong balls, waterfall breaths and other techniques to help the children become aware of their breath.
  • Class ends with Savasana, to help children learn to relax, even when they are awake, and a special yoga stamp.