Fit Kids Mobile Studio LLC

Weekly Overview

Week of January 14th

Little Athletes

  • We began a new session at several schools this week!  Thank you all for the opportunity!
  • We played a "name-action" game to get to know each other better.  Each student chose an action (jump, kick, spin, etc.) to go with his/her name and the class repeated the name and action.
  • We warmed up and stretched on the mats, then moved across the floor, practicing hopping, side-to-side shuffle, crab walk, and galloping.
  • During gymnastics, students practiced bridges, cartwheels, crawling through the tunnel, wall stands and hopping over cones.
  • We worked on football skills today.  Students practiced throwing and catching a soft football.
  • Class ended with the parachute.  Students made waves, made a tent, and enjoyed running under the parachute.
  • Ask your child to show you the pose s/he chose for her/his name!

  • Welcome back! We are happy to be back in session!
  • Ballerinas began with floor stretches and then we practiced our ballet terminology and techniques, including the different positions and plies, tendu, arabesque, posse, and leaps.
  • We worked on our recital dance and moved our bodies in various ways to other songs and rhythms.
  • The children had fun playing the dance freeze game! 
  • Ask your ballerina to show you the start of the recital dance!

Week of December 3rd

Little Athletes

  • Class started with warm ups and stretches on the mats, then movements across the floor, including walking backwards, bear crawls, hopping on one foot, side-to-side shuffle, and galloping.
  • Students had fun playing "Run, Run Chicken, Run Home!" In this game, they run from one mat to another and try not to get caught.  If they do, they help catch other students.
  • During gymnastics, students chose between somersaults, bridges or log rolls, then practiced cartwheels, crawling through the tunnel, wall stands and hopping over cones.
  • We continued basketball today and students practiced their dribbling and bounce passes.
  • Ask your child to show you how s/he backward walks or runs!


  • Today was a "yoga story day." Students read the book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?, by Eric Carle.
  • As they listened to the book, they posed as the different animals, including bears, ducks, birds, dogs, cats, fish, horses, frogs, etc.
  • After the story, they played "Night at the Museum," and posed as the animals from the book, trying not to get caught moving by the teacher.
  • During relaxation they practiced slow breathing and then rested on their mats for shivasana.
  • Ask your child to show you some of the poses from the book today.

  • We began with stretching our bodies and practicing various ballet movements, including: 1st position, second position, plie, tendu, arabesque, posse, turns and leaps.
  • We continued to work on the recital dance!
  • Students danced to a variety of music, moving in different ways and feeling different beats.
  • Class ended with the dance/freeze game.  Students got to freestyle dance to music and then freeze when the music was paused.
  • Ask your child to show you a posse!