Fit Kids Mobile Studio LLC

Course Offerings

Little Athletes

  • This course focuses on coordination and skills to prepare students for participation in various sports. Games are played each week to help children move in different ways.
  • Students practice gymnastics skills and other drills to help with body awareness, including balance beam, somersaults, wall stands, etc.
  • Part of each class is dedicated to ball handling, including soccer, football and basketball.


  • Using music and imagination, students enjoy learning various child-focused yoga poses and techniques for breathing and calming.
  • Each week, the class goes on a new adventure, exploring places like space, the ocean, the jungle, etc.
  • The children enjoy playing yoga games as a portion of each class.
  • Strength, flexibility and coordination improves, as well as mind and body awareness.


  • This course focuses on movement, rhythm, stretching, and fun!
  • Children learn the beginning fundamentals and terminology of ballet and practice a routine to be performed in a recital in June.
  • Throughout this course, students are introduced to other dancing styles and have opportunities to move in different ways.